Notice to William Worthen King Customers: Investors Allege $600K in Damages to their Merrill Lynch Account

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Updated on: March 16, 2023

Investment Losses with William (Bill) King at Merrill Lynch? Contact KlaymanToskes

National investment loss lawyers KlaymanToskes is investigating William Worthen King a/k/a Bill King (CRD# 1432593) of Merrill Lynch, after the broker/financial advisor was named in an investor complaint alleging $600,000 in damages due to failure to recommend investments in the customer’s best interest when enrolling their brokerage account in a managed strategy. 

Investors that suffered losses with William Worthen King at Merrill Lynch are encouraged to contact attorney Lawrence L. Klayman, Esq., for a free consultation to discuss recovery options at 888-997-9956 or lklayman@klaymantoskes.com. We do not collect attorney’s fees unless we are able to obtain a financial recovery for you.

Two additional pending complaints allege unsuitable investments in OTC (over-the-counter) stocks and unauthorized options trading. According to FINRA BrokerCheck, William Worthen King is currently registered as a broker and investment advisor with Merrill Lynch at:

  • New York, NY – 114 W 47TH ST, NEW YORK, NY 10036
  • Vero Beach, FL – 660 BEACHLAND BLVD, VERO BEACH, FL 32963
  • Chester, NJ – 172 MAIN ST, CHESTER, NJ 07930

William W. King: 9 Disclosures and 3 Pending Investor Complaints

According to FINRA BrokerCheck, William Worthen King a/k/a Bill King has nine public disclosures including three pending investor complaints. One pending complaint against the Merrill Lynch broker/fianncial advisor alleges $600,000 in damages and that King was not acting in the investor’s best interest when he enrolled their brokerage account into a managed strategy, without implementing risk management strategies. The investor further alleges their portfolio was left open to market volatility.

A second pending investor complaint alleges unauthorized trading of options and does not specify alleged damages. King’s final pending complaint alleges unsuitable OTC (over-the-counter) stock investments. A previous investor complaint against King was settled in favor of the investor for $49,000 and alleged that certain misrepresentations were made regarding fees and performance in the investor’s Merrill Lynch account, and that the sales for tax losses were in excess of that authorized. 

How Can I Recover My Losses?

Former and current customers of William Worthen King a/k/a Bill King who have experienced significant investment losses are encouraged to contact attorney Lawrence L. Klayman, Esq. at 1-888-997-9956 or lklayman@klaymantoskes.com for a free and confidential consultation. 

Our firm offers legal services on a contingency fee basis, meaning we do not collect attorney’s fees unless we are able to obtain a financial recovery for you. 

What is Regulation Best Interest (“Reg BI”)? 

FINRA’s (Financial Industry Regulatory Authority) SEC Regulation Best Interest, a/k/a “Reg BI” establishes a “best interest” standard of conduct for brokers and brokerage firms making recommendations of securities investments and investment strategies to their customers, under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934. 

FINRA-regulated brokers, financial advisors, and brokerage firms have a responsibility to make recommendations with their customer’s best interest in mind, based upon the client’s personal needs and preferences. 

What is Unauthorized Trading?

Unauthorized trading is a securities violation which occurs when a broker/financial advisor engages in the purchasing or selling of securities in a non-discretionary customer account without prior customer authorization and represents a sales practice violation. 

In some situations, a broker/financial advisor may receive written “discretionary” authorization to make transactions on the behalf of their customer. However, the financial professional cannot misuse or exceed that authority to make commissions from excessive trading or “churning”, or unsuitable investment strategies. 

Investors that suffered losses due to a violation of the Best Interest Regulation, unauthorized trading, or other securities violations are encouraged to contact KlaymanToskes at 888-997-9956 or on the web at www.klaymantoskes.com

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