Les Jackson of Momentum Barred for Private Securities Transactions

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Updated on: September 22, 2023

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National investment loss lawyers KlaymanToskes reports broker/investment advisor Les Jackson a/k/a Leslie Don Jackson (CRD# 2176917) has been permanently barred from acting as a broker or associating with a broker-dealer firm by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (“FINRA”). FINRA’s decision comes after Jackson participated in private securities transactions totaling $1,975,000.

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Les Jackson Permanently Barred by FINRA

According to FINRA BrokerCheck, Les Jackson a/k/a Leslie Don Jackson was previously registered with Momentum Independent Network in Dallas, TX. On September 19 2023, FINRA’s Department of Enforcement entered into a Letter of Acceptance, Waiver, and Consent (“AWC”) with Leslie D. Jackson, disclosing that he consented to sanctions of a permanent bar from associating with any FINRA member in all capacities. 

According to the AWC, Momentum filed a Form U5 on January 6, 2023, disclosing that the firm had discharged Jackson due to “violating firm policy.” FINRA’s Form U5 is the “Uniform Termination Notice for Securities Industry Registration,” used by brokerage firms each time one of their registered employees leaves the firm, for any reason. 

FINRA’s investigation found that from 2018 to 2022, Jackson participated in the sale of promissory notes issued by entities purportedly engaged in a business that provided financing to construction companies. Jackson allegedly recommended the investments to five investors who purchased an aggregate $1,475,000 of the issuers’ promissory notes. Three of the investors were allegedly customers of the firm. 

In addition, “Jackson received periodic payments from the issuers in amounts equal to 3% of each investment per year during their respective terms, paid monthly.” Jackson violated FINRA Rule 3280 and Rule 2010 by engaging in private securities transactions and failing to disclose his involvement in the purchase or sale of the promissory notes to his firm, along with failing to seek or obtain the firm’s approval to engage in the transactions. 

What Are Private Securities Transactions (“Selling Away”)?

FINRA Rule 3280 defines a private securities transaction as “any securities transaction outside the regular course or scope of an associated person’s employment with a member.” 

Selling awayin private securities transactions occurs when a broker or investment advisor engages in selling an investment to a customer that is not offered by the executing brokerage firm, and without the approval of his/her brokerage firm. 

When brokers and financial advisers choose to offer their customers securities that are unapproved by their firm, they may be subject to FINRA sanctions. FINRA-regulated brokers and advisors are required to disclose outside business activities to regulators and their firms. Investors can review their broker’s outside business activities by using FINRA’s free Brokercheck tool.

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