Intervest International Broker Craig Lee Carson Resigns Following Allegations of Over $10 Million in Damages to Customers

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Updated on: January 4, 2023

Investment Losses in GWG L Bonds? KlaymanToskes Has Recovery Options

National investment fraud lawyers KlaymanToskes is currently representing a customer who invested with Craig Lee Carson (CRD# 41892), also known as Chance Carson, of Intervest International Equities following allegations of over $10 million in damages to customers.

As of December 30th, 2022, broker and investment advisor Craig Lee Carson has resigned from his positions at Intervest International Equities Corp and Intervest International Inc. According to FINRA Brokercheck, Carson currently has 23 public disclosures against him, including six pending customer complaints.

In August, 2022, KlaymanToskes filed a FINRA arbitration claim (Case No. 22-01932) against Carson, on behalf of an 82-year-old widow seeking to recover over $220,000 in damages sustained in GWG Holdings, Inc. (OTCMKTS: GWGHQ) L Bonds. While the customer and her husband maintained low risk-tolerance and sought out safe, fixed income investments for retirement, they were solicited to invest in high-risk and illiquid L Bonds by Carson and Intervest International.

Carson and Intervest International failed to explain all of the risks associated with GWG L Bond investments. The bonds were unlisted, making them untradeable on any exchange. Furthermore, it is difficult to gauge the value of an L bond because there is no trading data available to the public and the bonds are illiquid. In fact, the only way an L Bondholder could redeem an investment was in the event of insolvency, death, or disability, and the investor would incur a 6% penalty.

How Can I Recover My Losses?

Investors are encouraged to learn more about GWG L Bond Investment Recovery Options and contact investment loss attorney Lawrence L. Klayman to discuss legal options at (888) 997-9956 or lklayman@klaymantoskes.com. Consultations are free and every case is taken on a contingency basis, meaning we do not collect attorney’s fees unless we are able to obtain a financial recovery for you.

Craig Lee Carson’s Previous Disciplinary History

Craig Lee Carson (CRD# 41892), also known as Chance Carson, has 50 years of securities industry experience and has been named in 23 FINRA public disclosures. Prior to his resignation, Carson was registered with Intervest International Equities in Colorado Springs, CO from 2003 to 2022.

On June 14th, 2021, Carson and Intervest International received regulatory sanctions from the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in the form of a cease and desist, a fine of  $50,000, disgorgement sanctions of $264,806, and other penalties of $39,589.43. The commission found that Carson and Intervest International recommended and purchased “standard” UIT (Unit Investment Trusts) funds bearing transactional sales charges, in order to benefit the firm and the broker, even though the clients’ accounts were eligible to purchase identical “Fee Account Units” versions of the UITs that did not include transaction fees.

According to Carson’s Brokercheck Report, “the accounts collectively paid approximately $378,295.36 in avoidable transaction costs” and the firm “passed 70% of that amount to Carson as its registered representative.” Both Intervest International and Carson failed to disclose the resulting conflicts of interest associated with these practices to the regulatory bodies of FINRA and the SEC.

Investors that suffered investment losses at the hands of Chance Carson are encouraged to contact attorney Lawrence L. Klayman to learn about recovery options at (888) 997-9956 or lklayman@klaymantoskes.com.

For more information, see our press release: “82-Year-Old Widow Suffers Investment Losses at the Hands of Intervest International Equities and Craig Carson”

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