Elder Financial Fraud Victims: The Securities Arbitration Law Firm of KlaymanToskes Expands Practice to Representation of Victims of Elder Financial Fraud

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Updated on: September 27, 2016

Boca Raton, Florida (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – September 27, 2015 – The Securities Arbitration Law Firm of KlaymanToskes, www.klaymantoskes.com, expands its practice to include the representation of victims of elder financial fraud.  According to the Department of Justice (“DOJ”), U.S. Attorney’s Office Elder Justice Task Force reports, “Speaking only of the financial impact of elder abuse, it is estimated that elderly Americans lose an estimated $2.6 billion or more annually due to financial abuse or exploitation.”  The DOJ’s Elder Justice Initiative website provides important information for the elderly and their families.  The Elder Justice Task Force is charged with investigating and prosecuting financial scams targeting or disproportionately impacting seniors.

According to founding partner, Lawrence L. Klayman, “Florida Statute 825.103 is designed to punish perpetrators of “elder financial fraud” and protect against the exploitation of elderly persons.”  Mr. Klayman explains his firm’s representation of elderly investors, “wills and trusts may create fiduciary duties for trustees and executors to beneficiaries and heirs for the management of assets, which may be delegated to unscrupulous agents and financial advisors.”    Mr. Klayman continues, “Many elderly investors are not aware that there is a problem or are hesitant to report a problem.  Our law firm can assist estate planning lawyers who have prepared wills and trusts to help determine whether someone is the victim of elder financial fraud.”

KlaymanToskes’s representation of elderly investors may include claims for damages for violations of securities industry rules and regulations related to misrepresentations and omissions of material facts, conflicts of interest, unsuitable investment advice and financial institutions’ failure to supervise its agents and financial advisors.  KlaymanToskes is dedicated to the protection of the rights of elderly investors and their families.

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